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Tracing Creative Destruction (with Matthew Buckingham and David Harvey), Whitney Museum, June 6, 2012
Present Past: Contemporary Art and the Uses of History, Wasserman Forum, October 9, 2011
Situation Leading to a Story, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, September 22, 2011
Creative Destruction, Emily Carr, September 8, 2011
Project for an Archive of the Future Anterior, Apex Art, May 22, 2010
Play the Story, Henry Art Gallery, July 11, 2008
A Man of the Crowd, Hirshhorn Museum, July 1, 2008
Cinema Studies: History in Slow Motion, MoMA conversation, April 14, 2008
Everything Has a Name, Creative Time, Kantor Center NYU, April 1, 2008
Improbable Horse, Des Moines Art Center, March 13, 2008
Three Films, Tate Modern, panel discussion, April 20, 2007
No Reservations, Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum, panel discussion, October 15, 2006
Artist Talk, California College of the Arts, October 3, 2006
Artist Talk, Slade School of Fine Art, Fall 2006
Behind the Terminal Moraine, Madison MCA, April 26, 2006
Swamps and Spirals: a Talk on Robert Smithson, Dia Center Artists on Artists, April 3, 2006
How the West Was Won, Saint Louis Art Museum, March 31, 2005
Bettina Funcke in Conversation with Matthew Buckingham, Mobile Academy, September 14, 2004
Ways of Narration: Only the Clouds Remained the Same, Mobile Academy, September 11, 2004
A Sense of the Past, Piet Zwart Institute, May 13, 2004
A Wild Boar in the Archive, ACC Gallery, Weimar, August 23, 2003
Artist Talk, Schnitt Raum Cologne, Video Ab Acht, 2001