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Obscure Moorings

pic 1

Continuous color video projection installation with sound, curvilinear floor.
25 minutes, dimensions variable
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Based on the Herman Melville short tale, "Daniel Orme," this video installation transposes the story’s unnamed setting to the port of Liverpool where the main character, a taciturn retired sailor, is used to map the effects of global economic change on both an individual and a city. Without using words the pictures and sounds juxtapose different archetypal sites from Liverpool’s city-scape, allowing places and their respective "pasts" to resonate with and contradict each other. Referring to the enormous social and political shifts that have occurred over the past fifty years in Liverpool and other port cities, the project challenges viewers to ask "what kind of cities do we want?"

The floor of the room where the video is projected is transformed into a large "frozen" undulating waveform which viewers are encouraged to climb and use as a perch for watching the work. The uneven form also emphasizes the social aspect of the space as spectators interact with each other and interrupt the image entering and exiting the space.

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