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A Man of the Crowd

pic 1

Continuous black and white 16mm film projection with sound,
semi-reflective glass, 24 minutes, dimensions variable
In Edgar Allan Poe's story, "The Man of the Crowd" (1840), a young man secretly follows an enigmatic older man through London’s city streets for twenty-four hours, trying to discover something about him. The film loop installation and artist's book "A Man of the Crowd," locates the story in Vienna, a city that retains its nineteenth century plan and organization. "The Man…" becomes "A Man…": a film camera is introduced into Poe’s narrative and paradoxically becomes a “central character.” The installation spatializes the symmetry, doubling, and self-reflexivity of the Poe story: the 16mm film is projected through a freestanding two-way mirror that both echoes a window in the story and reflects and doubles the projected image in the exhibition space. The mirror also multiplies and displaces the viewer while framing other spectators in the space.
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